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   Training Program Outline:

   Module One: The Recruitment Process:

  • The old Approach and the Smart Approach in Recruitment.
  • What is Job Analysis, Job Description, Job Specification?
  • Recruitment Definition.
  • Recruitment Types.
  • Alternatives to recruiting
  • Sources of Recruitment
  • Online Recruitment
  • Types of  E-recruitment
  • How to Measure Recruitment Effectively?


Module Two: The Selection Process:


  • Selection Definition.
  • Selection Tools
  • Personalities in the Workplace
  • How to match jobs with personalities?
  • Understanding Competencies


Module three: Interviewing Candidates

  • Steps in the interview process.
  • Types of job interviews.
  • Linking the interview question with the competency model
  • Developing an interview Guide.
  • PARADE Method and Star Method in job interviews
  • Behavioral Descriptive Interview (BDI)
  • Interviews Errors.
Target audience

   Training Program Description:

Talent Acquisition is a very important function within any organization. This is due to the fact that "people are the most important assets of any organization" finding the right people to do the various jobs within any organization is not a simple task and must be done based on modern strategies.


Through the trainer’s expertise and practical knowledge, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Recruitment and Selection and you will be able to:


Understanding the importance of Talent Acquisition to your Organization.

Understanding personality’s types and the best job for each type. 

Implement an effective Recruitment and Selection Process.

Decide upon a range of approaches in attracting, developing, and retaining talents.

Understand the function of the interview and the types of interview questions that can be used.

Detail the main biases that can occur during the Interviews Process


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   The Training Course Modules: